What I did on my summer vacation …

… I have so many updates!

I’ve been working hard, from writing to radio to — yes — modeling! Here’s a recap of what’s new in my professional life:

  • I wrapped up my weekly stint on The Block Radio show, as their co-host Cassie’s wedding is approaching in just a few days. Congrats to Cassie and thanks to everyone at The Block. I had a blast being a weekly guest, and hopefully I helped a few frazzled brides from week to week.
  • 2011 book titles are underway! I have several new diet and fitness titles and a fabulous wedding planner coming to stores in January. Currently I’m writing a two-book guide with separates books for the bride and groom to plan their wedding, plus a book that will help couples plan beautiful weddings on budgets of $2,000 to $10,000. The coolest part? I found about 15 real couples’ weddings to feature!
  • I’ve been freelancing as well, specifically, serving as 944 Magazine’s newest columnist. “Goddesses and Doormats,” my relationship/dating column appears monthly in the Phoenix magazine. It’s a little too edgy to post here, but email me if you’d like to read it! It’s definitely a blast to write, and something new for me. I’m on my eighth column, which proves how long I’ve been neglecting this portfolio!
  • Last week, I modeled a series of about 30 exercises for a diet and fitness book, called Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks! The book features powerful diet and workout advice, a fantastic fitness program, healthy meal substitutions, a tear-out grocery list, what to order (and not order) at America’s top restaurants, and so much more. I hate to brag, since I wrote it, but it’s a great book, and I’m very excited to see it in stores in early spring 2011!
  • The fitness photoshoot went so well that I’ve been asked to don a designer wedding gown or two for a bridal shoot! Amazing where life takes you.

Hope the summer was as fun and eventful for everyone as it was for me. I can’t wait for more prospects and projects. Ciao!


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