New year, new projects.

The New Year certainly brought me lots of new work … Life is good and busy.

First, a friend from college introduced me to his friend, who needed a copywriter for a new community/social networking website that will be launching this year. I can’t say what the topic is just yet, but it’s very present in politics and the media right now, so I’ve been hard at work on the site’s content and branding. Very cool.

A month later, the same friend (I joke that he should be my agent) referred me to an NYC/SF law firm that needed a website rewrite and revamp. Something cleaner and punchier to better speak to new and potential clients in fashion, media, sports and more. The firm couldn’t have been easier to work with (and I learned a lot about dissecting law jargon).

The lesson here is: Stay in touch. Reach out. Put yourself out there. You never know what opportunities will pop up or who will introduce you to the client who needs exactly what you do.

Have a project you might want my help with? Get in touch at Before my schedule fills up!

Cheers and best wishes in 2011.


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