{Conspiracy Theory: Subculture Plus Fashion Equals WESC} Client: 944 Magazine

This fashion piece on Swedish line WESC is still one of my favorite fashion stories I’ve ever done! I interviewed the designer, whose line for that season obviously had deep equestrian influences; but when I asked him about it, he started talking about a subversive new kind of sport he called “streethorsing.” Apparently, this is when you ride a horse through city streets where a horse doesn’t belong, sort of like skateboarding in prohibited areas.

I actually called the Phoenix Police Department and asked them if streethorsing was allowed in downtown Phoenix, with all my coworkers cracking up in the background. Ah, the memories.

However, what at the time was an up-and-coming label is now an international staple. We’ve got several stores right here in LA and Santa Monica. Check out the piece …


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