Big Day Beauty Must-Haves: Makeup that comes to play and stay

In honor of Sephora’s 20 percent off friends and family discount until 11/2 — go get your code here! — I wanted to share a few wonderful Sephora products I used for my own wedding day.

I didn’t hire a professional makeup artist, I just asked a bridesmaid who is makeup-savvy. She came with me to Sephora where a salesperson helped me choose products I liked and did a makeup run-through. The nice thing about going this route was I saved money on a hiring a pro, plus I got to buy makeup I love and will use again after the wedding.

First and foremost, my skin was a big concern. The move and the stress of wedding planning had taken their toll and my skin wasn’t looking so clear. Airbrush foundation is perfect for your wedding day or other big event because it provides excellent but light coverage, and it lasts and lasts. I highly recommend using Dior Airflash Spray Foundation instead of hiring a professional to do airbrush makeup.  This product is seriously amazing and worth the $60 price tag.

Don’t spray it directly from the can onto the skin; you’ll get better coverage with a brush made just for applying this type of foundation. Spray onto the brush and lightly apply in a swirling motion.

The Sephora makeup artist reminded me of a great tip — go past your jawline and onto the neck for even coverage, and don’t forget your ears if you’re wearing your hair up!




Priming your skin means filling in fine lines, tightening large pores (that’s me!), and creating a smooth canvas for makeup to last all day and night, even when you’re dancing up a storm. Smashbox Photo Finish is one of those beauty products that’s been around for so long because it really works.

You won’t need much. If you aren’t sure you want to commit to entire tube, ask for a small sample and they’ll gladly obligue.



I wore Illamasqua fake eyelashes — a new brand for me — and they were fantastic. They come in different styles; I chose a set where the lashes are longer in the center to open up my eyes and look dramatic without being at all Halloween-ish. Peel them off carefully and wear them up to 10 times!

A tip: Whenever you buy fake eyelashes, have a salesperson hold them up to your eye and cut them to the right length before you leave the store. Everyone’s eye is a different length and shape!


Dior Addict Gloss was perfect for me, since I never wear lipstick but wanted a lip color that would stay. It’s thick like lacquer and super-shiny without being goopy. I wore a pinkish brown shade that I’ll definitely throw in my purse and use again for a night out.



I wanted a smoky eye but to keep it from being too harsh I asked for a brown-metallic version. This Stila Baked Eyeshadow Trio has Kitten, my favorite everyday pink-gold shadow, plus a matte chocolate and a brownish-bronze metallic, too.

My favorite tricks? Choose a small, flat brush, touch it to your tongue, then use the matte chocolate shadow as eyeliner. Also, dot the tip of your pinky finger in the light, shimmery shadow and press it into the inside corners of your eyes to brighten and open them instantly.


If you don’t know about Nars Orgasm blush, you’ve been living in a cave. It’s definitely one of those new classic beauty products that isn’t going away — maybe because it’s the perfect combo of peachy-pink that looks beautiful on everyone, no matter your skin tone. A myriad of celebs swear by it, and I’ve been using it since college.

On my wedding day, I used a big, fluffy brush to apply bronzer first, and then highlighted the apples of my cheeks with this blush. I got that happy, glowing look every bride wants.



{Have a favorite beauty product that is perfect for wedding-day makeup? Send me a message on my wedding blog, TheWedLife, and share!}


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