{E Shoot Pre-Shoot! What to Know, Wear & Bring for Fabulous Engagement Photos} Client: WedSpace.com

Getting ready for your engagement shoot? Wondering what to wear and bring? Wondering if you’re going to have to pose with a giant heart-shaped balloon or do cartwheels or kiss in the mud?

Engagement shoots (also known as E shoots) are a new thing in the last few years, and photographers and clients are getting more creative by the minute, with some sessions turning into all-out productions, complete with wardrobe changes, multiple locations, and yes — props.

First, talk to your photographer about what he or she has in mind for the E shoot, and bring your own ideas about location to the table. E shoots should be outdoors; forget an antiquated studio portrait! Try a field, a coffee shop, an urban street setting, or even your home. He or she will scout the locations he or she wants to use before the shoot.

Next, consider what you’ll wear so you and your fiance will really pop off the backdrop. You’ll want to bring a few changes of clothes, about two or three outfits. Choose fashionable and fun outfits that are very “you,” but that photograph nicely. Of course, wear something you feel comfortable lying down, jumping, hugging, and moving around in (you’ll be doing all of these poses), but also consider the colors, shape, and patterns that will look the best on film. Light colors and tiny prints don’t photograph as well as dark colors or brights (which are also slimming).

Dresses are always a great choice! I love a girl in a wrap dress, which is universally flattering and drapes beautifully. Or, try accentuating the smallest part of your waist with a belt to look pretty and shapely. And as for your groom-to-be, don’t get too matchy-matchy. His outfits should complement yours (check out Stephanie & Jose below; she’s in a purple dress and he’s in a purple tie).

Many shots will be full-length, so make sure you wear great shoes. If you’re more comfortable in black or neutral clothing, try bright, colorful shoes! They really pop and catch the eye in photos.

When it comes to beauty, remember that bright makeup will make a bigger impact on film that a natural face and neutral shades, which can look washed out. If you’re feeling conservative, rosy cheeks, a bright lip stain and a soft brown eye are always in style. Of course, if you have a signature look, such as red lips or winged black eyeliner, show it off! And don’t forget your manicure! Your photog will be getting plenty of closeups, especially of your hands with your rings, and you don’t want scraggly cuticles to show up in the shots. Same for not-so-white teeth. If you love coffee and tea as much as I do, you’ll want to do a whitening treatment about 3 or 4 weeks prior to the shoot. I recommend Crest Whitestrips 3D White Professional Effects — they really work, with little to no tooth sensitivity.

Talk to your photographer about what props you might want to include. Stephanie & Stephen below incorporated awesome vintage cameras into their shot. Joanna & Cooper did part of their E shoot with a watering can and another part in Cooper’s kitchen, cooking breakfast. Talk to your photographer about what props you might want to include. Stephanie & Stephen below incorporated awesome vintage cameras into their shot. Joanna & Cooper did part of their E shoot with a watering can and another part in Cooper’s kitchen, cooking breakfast. Also, consider a bouquet of wildflowers, fruit, balloons, an old car, your dog, your kids — whatever embodies you and enlivens the shot.

Finally, just relax and let loose. Kiss, hug, climb a tree, give him a piggyback ride, eat cotton candy. I love how E shoots have evolved from a studio portrait or single bridal portrait to the carefree, colorful shoots of today!

Now check out some great examples of E shoot perfection!

One of my favorite E shoots of all time is a great example of what to wear. Bright polka dots are perfect! {Shot by Punam Bean}

See how Stephanie and Stephen used a prop to get playful in their shoot? Plus, you can’t go wrong with a sweet dress, wide waist belt and cowboy boots! {Shot by Jasmine Star}

Wear a bright shoe! Yellow, pink, red, blue … Plus, her black tights are slimming and stylish. {Shot by Sloan Photo}

Here, the props and styling make this shoot a standout! Vintage luggage and Mad Men-esque clothing and hair go perfectly with the old airfield backdrop. {Shot by Luna Photo}

Joanna’s dress has all the components of a perfect outfit for an E shoot: 1. Bright color, 2. Wrap dress that’s subtly sexy, and 3. Ruffles! (OK, I just like ruffles.) Here’s a great example of a couple who shot right in their own backyard, with the white chairs making great props. {Shot by Jasmine Star}

Consider if you’re going with a theme! This couple chose an old-school public swimming pool and fun vintage props and fashion to make their engagement shoot amazing. {Shot by Stone Crandall}

Be yourself, let loose! Brenna and Nate definitely let their personalities and laid-back-cool personal style shine through. Nothing fancy, just them having fun. {Shot by Radiant Photography}


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