{Biggest Wedding Gown Mistakes Brides Make} Client: Wedspace.com

Wedding gown shopping is surely one of the most wonderful parts of planning a wedding. Exploring the racks of tulle, organza, satin, silk and taffeta brings to life the emotions and excitement of being a bride. However, it isn’t as simple as making an appointment at your local bridal salon.

Here are five simple mistakes that brides make that can easily be avoided, to make choosing and fitting the perfect wedding gown a breeze:

1. Being stubborn about trying on all different styles. Brides generally have one or two styles in mind. But if you get your heart set on a mermaid gown with a sweetheart neckline, you may be missing other styles that are actually more flattering and comfortable. Try on gowns you never considered, even ones you may not love on the hanger. They will look different on and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  For instance, a garden wedding may call for a breezy empire waist style with organza layers, or consider an elegant and sophisticated crumb-catcher neckline for a contemporary resort event.  Brides tell us all the time that the dress they fell in love with wasn’t the type or style they originally thought they wanted!

2. Buying a dress you can’t dance, eat, or breathe in. Not all dresses are comfortable and some are downright torturous. Corseted styles, styles that lace up the back, or a dress with boning may be uncomfortable, especially with dancing and eating. When you try on gowns, be sure to dance around, sit, hug, jump … whatever you will be doing during the wedding, to be sure you can move and breathe in the gown and that it doesn’t pinch or pucker. Same goes for the shoes!

3. Bringing too many people to the fitting. You will probably want your mom, mother-in-law, sister and/or Maid of Honor with you when you try on gowns. However, brides make the mistake of inviting too many people with too many opinions. You’ve probably heard the expression “too many cooks in the kitchen.” Everyone will love a different dress and you will find it impossible to choose with 10 people offering their two cents. Bring your closest females and include the person who is buying the dress (grandma or dad, for instance); and leave everyone else at home. Some boutiques will set a limit on the number of guests you can bring to your fitting, as well.

4. Losing weight before the wedding and not having a final fitting. I hear this all the time … the bride went on a serious diet before her big day and when she tried on the dress the day of the wedding, it was too big. Brides should have a first fitting about 6 months before the wedding, a second fitting a month or so out, and the third fitting 1 to 3 weeks before the wedding. However, if you plan to lose a few pounds immediately before the wedding, you’ll need a follow-up fitting closer to the actual day.

5. Biting your tongue if something isn’t perfect. Your wedding gown is a major expense and it’s at the forefront of the most important day of your life. It will star in your photos and you may even pass it down to a daughter or family member. You want to love it and how it fits. Too many brides bite their tongues at the fitting when something doesn’t feel or look right. There shouldn’t be uneven seams, bulging, puckering, gapping or pinching. If you don’t love an alteration, speak up! Have the seamstress or bridal shop get it right.


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