{Everyday Bags Under $100: A little working girl, a little casual Friday}

A sweet blog reader recently sent me this question … She said, I’m searching for an everyday handbag and I usually admire the adorable purses that you post. Any suggestions on brands or sites to check out that would get me something nice for under $100? I love bags that have both crossbody and shoulder straps.

Great question!

I like bags that are a little big structured and a little bit slouchy. And I think she’s right on with the dual-strap bag — a short top handle means you can toss it in the crook of your arm for work, meetings, etc. and a long cross-body strap makes it more casual-cool for jeans and flip-flop days.

These are all under $100, so happy shopping! Tell your bank account I’m sorry!

Melie Bianco makes chic everyday bags that look a lot like other, pricier styles. I’m a big fan of this one


… or this one with a vintage-esque fringe … Piperlime carries other good options, with free shipping and returns.


This is the Moto Satchel from Urban Outfitters … comes in several fun colors. I used to own a similar style in eggplant purple that I loved. The faux leather looks and feels very real.


Another Urban Outfitters bag I love … the Coorperative Chain Bowler. I feel like two-tone bags are a little everyday, a little special. Love the bowling-bag shape — it’s a favorite.


Asos.com is another favorite spot for well-priced bags, like this Luggage Tag Tote.  I adore the shape and the two-tone look, once again.


Also, this Premium Leather Satchel from Asos is such a great deal — it’s real leather, looks very polished, and the doctor’s bag style has a masculine appeal I find really sexy. You’ll feel sharp carrying this to work.


Who knew Mischa Barton designed handbags? I digress. The rich green color of the Marine Tote is fantastic — it’s unique and yet will go with everything.


Swell is a surf-swim company out of San Clemente, and they carry a great line of clothing, swimwear and laid-back, good-looking bags, like this Element Cecile bag in faux pebbled leather. You can’t go wrong with California-cool!



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