{“California Diversity” TV ad} Client: San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians is rolling out this year’s installment of its award-winning cultural education campaign, and “California Diversity” is the latest spot. The tribe asked our team to help them create a spot to showcase as many California tribes as they could … Check out the ad and the press release I wrote about the campaign.

Members of 8 California Indian Tribes Unite in New TV Ad to Promote Native Diversity

Inland Empire, Calif. (May 10, 2012) — California was built upon a foundation of diversity, and the state’s Native tribes are an important piece of that rich history — diversity that not only defines us but strengthens us. These are the key messages in a new TV spot created by the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and Long Beach-based Pacific Research & Strategies, Inc. The ad features more than 40 tribal members, representing eight of California’s 100-plus tribes.

“Having tribal members of all generations and backgrounds in one room to film this commercial was so special, extraordinary really,” said Carla Rodriguez, Chairwoman for San Manuel. “It just reinforced the ad’s message that while we share a common history as Californians or Native people, we are also all different and unique.”

The ad, called “California Diversity,” seeks to convey that California can learn and benefit from its diversity in cultures. The concept of a “melting pot” is more than just a cliché in the state; Californians are living it every day, building on different backgrounds and perspectives to grow stronger, even in tough economic times.

Focus group testing of the “California Diversity” concept showed that the majority, roughly two-thirds, of respondents felt that Native American tribes have a positive influence on California; additionally, it also showed that 60 percent of respondents felt they learned new information about the diversity of California’s Native people, a topic they were not totally familiar with.

“As the commercial says, California is home to more than 100 tribes, speaking more than 300 dialects, which is fascinating and something not many people know,” said Chairwoman Rodriguez. “We believe this ad will help to increase awareness for all California tribes, specifically that California’s celebrated diversity began with its first people, as well as the message that this unique diversity paves the way for acceptance, perspective, creativity and innovation.”

The “California Diversity” ad will air in the Los Angeles Area Media Market, including the Inland Empire, where the San Manuel Band is based.

View other ads from current and past cultural education campaigns at http://www.sanmanuel-nsn.gov/.


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