What’s New? I’m a Certified Yoga Teacher!

ImageCamatkarasana, Wild Thing. Photo taken in Raleigh, NC

So this post is not exactly writing-related, but it’s not exactly not

You see, I believe you only love — really love — a small handful of things in your life … things that make you truly passionate so that they actually sustain you. For me, that has always been writing (and reading, of course), since the time I was a child. Loves like that don’t come around very often … And then, about five years ago, I discovered yoga.

I had a particularly difficult year and wanted to try something new, something that would make me feel good. I Googled yoga studios in my area, invoked my roommate to join me, and I took my very first yoga class, in San Diego, at a lovely studio called Infinite Yoga. And I knew right away that it was for me — for life.

I first came to my yoga mat searching for focus, strength and healing, and I found all that, and so much more. This year, I decided that I wanted to get certified to teach yoga, because I believe deeply in its transformative powers — for the mind, body and spirit — and want to share that with others as it was so beautifully shared with me.

In June, I started a teacher training program with YogaWorks here in LA. And after 6 months of deep immersion into the philosophy, asana and alignment of the practice, I am officially certified as a yoga teacher.

Pretty amazing … to find something that inspires and drives me as much as words and books … and now, to be able to share this passion with other people who are also searching for its benefits. I feel like, in that way, yoga and writing are sort of meant for each other. And for me.

If you’re curious to know more about yoga or when/where I’m teaching in the LA area, visit brettanyoga.wordpress.com.



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