BIG Year for Traveling Holocaust Exhibit, Thanks to a New Social Media and PR Campaign!



One of my coolest clients is the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s “Courage to Remember” traveling Holocaust exhibit. This powerful exhibit uses 200+ original Holocaust photos that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world to teach tolerance and empower generations to resist ignorance, fight discrimination, and stand up for what is right.

I have been working with the exhibit since just after it began its California tour in 2011, and we had some ambitious goals for 2012 … upping attendance by finding venues with more foot traffic, increasing media coverage, a brand-new social media campaign, and expanding the impact of the exhibit.

I’m pleased to report that 2012 was a year of incredible new attendance records and amazing coverage for “The Courage to Remember”!

“The Courage to Remember” was viewed more than 30,000 people in 8 locations in 2011. Emboldened by that early success, the exhibit was requested in Florida, and made its Southeast debut at Tallahassee Community College in January 2012. This year, 32 new venues were added to the schedule, and we ramped up efforts to invite and promote VIP attendees to the media, as well as to promote the exhibit in conjunction with presentations by local authors, historians and professors. Both coverage and attendance exploded. An event in Modesto garnered 500-plus people and coverage from major media outlets. Events in Broward County and Santa Ana garnered 300 attendees, with high school students Tweeting their experience. Venues that hosted the exhibit for several weeks garnered up to 300,000 attendees. Coverage included all major TV networks, Access TV, Jewish Press, Modesto News, Naples News, Sun-Sentinel, West Orlando News, Visalia Times-Delta, Fresno Bee, Napa Valley News, and many more.

In total, an estimated 770,000 people viewed the exhibit in 2012, a 2,500% increase in attendance from the previous year!

And, the exhibit is expanding its reach! As of now, 15 venues are already scheduled for 2013, including the San Diego County Fair, an opening ceremony in Miami, and stops in India and Thailand.

Success is the best, especially when it’s for such an amazing cause. Happy end of the year, everyone!


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