About Brettan.

I am a lifelong lover of words … also, used bookstores, yoga, bull terriers, college basketball, Scrabble, and burritos.

I was born into advertising and PR — my father owned an agency — and I learned from an early age how to shape tastes and opinions by using my love of language. My very first jobs were writing and editing for lifestyle magazines, making 10 cents a word or being “paid” out of the product closet. But I loved it.

In 2002, I graduated magna cum laude from Vanderbilt University, and since, my writing has taken me on a wonderful journey from magazine editorial to PR and advertising to book publishing to corporate communications to social media marketing.

I specialize in social media, copywriting, ghostwriting, blogging, speechwriting, feature writing and copyediting, with expertise in social advertising, and a passion for fashion, health and fitness, yoga, and travel. I’m an AP Style nerd. I probably overuse the ellipses. My favorite word is “nonplussed.” Welcome to this online collection of my work.

In 2014, I relocated from Los Angeles to Nashville, where I am the Social Media Manager for the Fortune 400 farm and ranch retailer Tractor Supply Company. To discuss opportunities — freelance or full-time — or to see my full professional resume, please find me on LinkedIn or email me.

brettanb {at} gmail.com


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