LOVE seeing my story on energy-boosting foods on the Women’s Health homepage slider this morning!

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Big News! LA —> Nashville!


Well, it’s official — my husband and I are relocating to Nashville, TN at the end of this month for his new job! Nashville is a wonderful city that we’ve both lived in and went to school in (me for undergrad and he for his MBA), and we’ve talked about moving back there before … it all just happened a lot sooner than we’d planned. But life doesn’t care about your plans, right? Right.

So, the whirlwind is on … house hunting, job hunting, adjusting to Southern living, meeting friends, carving out a new niche in a new city. As I feel out the Nashville job market, I’ve taken on a bevy of exciting freelance work to keep me busy. More on that to come …

Wish me luck on this next chapter and adventure!

{What’s New? Website Launch in the Works!}


I recently reconnected with an old client for a new freelance project — Web writing and email marketing for a company that is harnessing technology and new media expertise to tackle complex issues in public health through community collaboration.

I can’t reveal the actual work until things go live, but I will say that I love working for social action communities and organizations — the passion is palpable. Stay tuned.

(In other news, I also picked up a weekly gig teaching a Yoga for Surfers class. It doesn’t get more LA than that.)

What’s New? I’m a Certified Yoga Teacher!

ImageCamatkarasana, Wild Thing. Photo taken in Raleigh, NC

So this post is not exactly writing-related, but it’s not exactly not

You see, I believe you only love — really love — a small handful of things in your life … things that make you truly passionate so that they actually sustain you. For me, that has always been writing (and reading, of course), since the time I was a child. Loves like that don’t come around very often … And then, about five years ago, I discovered yoga.

I had a particularly difficult year and wanted to try something new, something that would make me feel good. I Googled yoga studios in my area, invoked my roommate to join me, and I took my very first yoga class, in San Diego, at a lovely studio called Infinite Yoga. And I knew right away that it was for me — for life.

I first came to my yoga mat searching for focus, strength and healing, and I found all that, and so much more. This year, I decided that I wanted to get certified to teach yoga, because I believe deeply in its transformative powers — for the mind, body and spirit — and want to share that with others as it was so beautifully shared with me.

In June, I started a teacher training program with YogaWorks here in LA. And after 6 months of deep immersion into the philosophy, asana and alignment of the practice, I am officially certified as a yoga teacher.

Pretty amazing … to find something that inspires and drives me as much as words and books … and now, to be able to share this passion with other people who are also searching for its benefits. I feel like, in that way, yoga and writing are sort of meant for each other. And for me.

If you’re curious to know more about yoga or when/where I’m teaching in the LA area, visit


November is Native American Heritage Month!

Can you believe November is here already? The vast majority of 2011 behind us? It’s certainly been a big year for me, from leaving my much-loved job with WS Publishing to move to Los Angeles with my fiance, to planning and blogging a successful grassroots campaign for Milk for Thought, to getting married, and more …

November is Native American Heritage Month, and I helped write a series of editorial pieces for a tribe in the San Bernardino Valley, focusing on Native peoples contributions and milestones, both modernly and historically, on both a local and national level. From celebrating the rich history of Native Americans in the military to the recent launch of the first and only Native American TV channel, based in the Inland Empire, this 4-piece series will appear every Sunday this month in the Press Enterprise.

Stay tuned and I’ll post clips. If you’re at all interested in Native American history, you’ll find this series fascinating!

Nothing like a handwritten thank you.

Today I received this note from Anne Tiedt of Momentum PR, thanking me for my help organizing and coordinating the Milk for Thought event at the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin. The event went wonderfully and so many supporters joined the Milk for Thought crew — thanks to Anne and her team. Really, I should be the one thanking her!

The handwritten note or thank you — after a job well done, promotion, interview, recommendation, etc. — is still so powerful, in business and personal life. I have a stack of beautiful cards in my office, and this is a good reminder to use them.

Where Will the Big Pink Bus for Breastfeeding Be Next?

The Milk for Thought big pink bus has been to almost 30 cities since it left from San Diego on July 16! Wow!

I’ve taken on the role of point person and coordinator for every city, which means scheduling the public events in each city, the documentary crew’s interviews with moms and breastfeeding experts, as well as where to park the 40-foot bus — it’s been quite a job, but really amazing, thanks to the hard work and dedication from the breastfeeding supporters in each city.

If you want to know where the Milk for Thought bus is headed next or read the details of every city they’ve been to thus far, visit!

I guess I can add “event coordinator” to my resume now?

Goodbye WedSpace, Hello TheWedLife!

Did you hear …

After several years of writing and maintaining the wedding blog for WedSpace, I’ve moved on to my own brand-new wedding blog, TheWedLife.

It’s updated several times a week with beautiful wedding inspiration and tips and articles, so check it out, follow it, and spread the love!

{photo via emersonmade, check out their incredible shop full of goodies!}