{Stonegrill + Twenty6 Grand Openings, Print Ad} Client: JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort

More copywriting work for the JW Marriott resorts … I wrote the headlines flip-flopped, but the client changed it 🙂 Image



{Big News!} Meet WorldLifestyle’s Director of Content Marketing


Big news — I’ve been promoted from WorldLifestyle‘s Social Media Manager to their very first Director of Content Marketing! I’m now in charge of growing traffic, finding new audiences, managing social, and basically, spreading the health + wellness love!

Come check us out — find something you love!

{Marketing Positioning Statements} Client: Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel



In the Heart, with a little bit of soul.

 Short form:

An urban retreat in the heart of Phoenix’s arts and culture community, the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel appeals to the seasoned traveler’s desire for sophisticated comfort, genuine hospitality, unexpected local adventures.

Long form:

Welcome to the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel — an urban retreat that blends the sophistication and attentiveness of a world-class business and convention resort with the stylish charm of a boutique hotel, from the moment you step into our sleek lobby.

For the seasoned business traveler, we offer 60,000 square feet of meeting space, the savvy Elevate Lounge, and comfortable accommodations filled with thoughtful amenities. After work, you can set out on the jogging trail, savor delicious food and drinks at hotspot ICON Lounge, or soak in expansive downtown views from our rooftop pool deck.

Still, we know your trip isn’t complete until you’ve explored Phoenix’s other gems, and we’re right at the heart of all of it — an urban hub of art, entertainment and history, while staying conveniently close to Sky Harbor Airport and the eco-friendly Light Rail. Expand your cultural horizons at the historic Heard Museum or iconic Orpheum Theatre. Discover your inner art critic at the Phoenix Art Museum, or inner child at the Arizona Science Center. You’re just steps from Chase Field, with its signature outfield swimming pool, or the buzz of a Suns game or concert at the US Airways Center. And have you ever dined on James Beard Award-winning pizza or drank wine in a renovated historic post office? You’re minutes from all of it, and our staff is dedicated to connecting you to those exceptional experiences and unexpected adventures.

{“18 Signs You Probably Shouldn’t Be Dating Him”} Client: WorldLifestyle

ImageImageDating is growing ever more complicated by the minute. The sea is vast and there are a lot of fish in it. And now there’s Tinder. How can you navigate the waters with ease and expertise? Arm yourself with a proven strategy for spotting jerks, duds, and crazies right from the start.

1. He calls his ex-girlfriend a “psycho:” You should talk about your old relationship to a new date the same way you’d talk about an old job at an interview — don’t trash it. In my experience, a guy who describes his ex as a psycho still engages her text messages, still checks up on her Facebook on the regular, and might still be in love with her. Beware.

2. He’s rude to the important women in his life: Pay attention to how this guy talks to and about his sisters, mother, female friends — even coworkers. If he calls his girl friends sluts, run. A guy I once dated called his mom the c-word — YES, really — on the phone, and I couldn’t find the door fast enough.

3. He’s never had a pet: Look, I’m just very, very wary of people who don’t like animals.

4. He gets really messed up every time you hang out: Whether it’s insecurity, immaturity, or a combination of both, you can’t be with someone who’s getting sloppy-drunk during the “Getting to Know You” phase.

5: His Facebook page is full of pictures of his car and/or abs: Remember MySpace? MySpace was full of these types of dudes. You’re older and much wiser now — don’t date this guy.

6. He describes you as “a fun girl:” This is Guy Speak for “I like hooking up with you, but you’ll never be my girlfriend.”

7. His friends start every story with, “This one time, when Mike was soooo drunk…:” The good news is, you’ve met his friends! The bad news is, you’re dating a glorified frat guy with a moderate to severe drinking problem.

8. He doesn’t add you to his Facebook page because he “doesn’t really do Facebook.” I’m not saying he has to make it Facebook Official — but if he has a Facebook page and doesn’t want to be Facebook friends, there’s a reason.

9. His car lease costs more a month than his apartment: Nothing reeks more of insecurity than a status car — and the only thing worse is insisting on driving one he can’t afford.

10. He texts you unsolicited d*ck pics: They aren’t hot; they’re creepy. We’re just going to show our friends at brunch, like, “WTF, did I show you guys this?” and never take you seriously again.

11. He feels threatened by the fact that you’re not a 1950s Stepford Wife: I once dated a guy who yelled at me for walking in front of him on a busy sidewalk, never let me drive, and tried to tell me what to wear and not wear. It’s not about feminism; it’s not about being a fist-pumping Destiny’s Child “Independent Woman” — it’s about respect. Get some.

12. He tells you the things you like are dumb: You don’t have to participate in all the same things (UFC fights, pottery classes, aerial yoga), but you do have to show respect to the things the other person cares about. You have every right to feel hurt when he rolls his eyes at your hard-won Katy Perry tickets, and you have every right to find someone who won’t. Because trust me, as the relationship grows, this problem will only do the same.

13. He hasn’t read a book since … well … he can’t really remember: This is totally just a personal one, but reading is sexy. A haphazard bookshelf or a Tower-of-Pisa-like stack on the nightstand is a total turn-on for me. Maybe this goes along with #12, but I love books, and if you think they’re a waste of time, well, I think you’re a waste of time.

14. He’s always SO busy with work/the gym/ studying/his buddies: Listen up, because this is the truth: If someone wants to spend time with you, he or she will make time. When you’re really excited about someone, you create space in your life. When you’re not that into someone, life becomes the easiest excuse.

15. He’s a fixer-upper: Whatever his pain may be — a bad breakup, a personal loss — you’re not the Florence Nightingale of Relationships. Be a friend, be a shoulder to lean on, but don’t try to date a fixer-upper until he’s past the renovation stage.

16. He’s a professional athlete: I abide by the “no actors, no athletes” rule of dating. Unless you like being one of a roster, in which case, carry on. (Before you yell at me, I’m not saying there are NO respectable, faithful professional athletes out, OK! There are 7.)

17. He’s giving your friends a bad vibe: When your judgment gets clouded by New-Guy Goggles, your friends are still seeing clearly. So listen to them when someone rubs them the wrong way.

18. He leaves his cell phone on the table at dinner — and checks it: I don’t care if you are President Barack Obama, this is the rudest thing ever.

Most important of all — trust your gut. TRUST YOUR GUT. When it feels like a lie, it probably is. When it feels bad, it probably is. Going back to square one can seem like defeat, but think of it this way — you just saved yourself two, three years of heartache and headache down the line. And when you meet the right person, you won’t have so many (or any) questions.

Now go forth and date with confidence, my friends!

{Pediatric Arthritis & Lupus Foundation marketing & fundraising brochure} Client: Pacific Research & Strategies

I’ve been working for a new non-profit client in the health space, writing marketing and fundraising materials, Website copy, and social media content. The PAL Foundation’s mission is to support groundbreaking research and science in the pediatric rheumatology field, to give children and their families suffering from lupus and arthritis a better quality of life. Check them out at http://www.pal-foundation.org.


{“The Education of Hope and Tolerance,” Courage to Remember Holocaust exhibit editorial} Client: Pacific Research & Strategies

Some of my favorite writing and social media work to-date is to inspire social change and cultural awareness for the Courage to Remember exhibit. Check out this ghostwritten piece to promote the exhibit in Florida.


{Sexy Abs Diet} Client: WS Publishing Group

Check out this excerpt from Sexy Abs Diet, my latest health and fitness title. Sexy Abs combines the top weight-loss secrets in the industry; 60 belly-flattening meals to mix and match, created by a top nutritionist; a calorie-blasting workout program targeting the core; and a nutrition and fitness journal to help the reader stay accountable and on track.

Check out this chapter on maintaining your success!

{Coffective Web Copy & Editing}

I’ve been helping a past client with editing and Web copy for a new Web and social action venture called Coffective. The idea is that a group of dedicated, excited people can accomplish more as a collaborative than they can working alone. Community + Effective = Coffective … get it? Love it.

Check out the just-launched site. If you’re in Indiana and care about public health issues relating to children, get involved. If you’re outside Indiana, stay tuned for the movement to roll out in the next few months.


Big News! LA —> Nashville!


Well, it’s official — my husband and I are relocating to Nashville, TN at the end of this month for his new job! Nashville is a wonderful city that we’ve both lived in and went to school in (me for undergrad and he for his MBA), and we’ve talked about moving back there before … it all just happened a lot sooner than we’d planned. But life doesn’t care about your plans, right? Right.

So, the whirlwind is on … house hunting, job hunting, adjusting to Southern living, meeting friends, carving out a new niche in a new city. As I feel out the Nashville job market, I’ve taken on a bevy of exciting freelance work to keep me busy. More on that to come …

Wish me luck on this next chapter and adventure!